Minimalist design
meets soul

"My name is Bruce Darnell and my love for interior design and art developed during my career as a fashion model.
Whilst travelling across the globe and spending time in trend setting cities like Paris, Milan, Tokyo and New York, I couldn’t help but be inspired by my surroundings."


Simplicity is
the ultimate form of

Influenced by all things luxurious and beautiful, he vowed to play his part in contributing to the artistic world of design. As a result, his interior design work has developed into a true art form by celebrating the diversity of materials, textures, colours and styles that come from travelling the world. 

Life teaches us many lessons. Moving and frequently travelling helped Bruce realize that people don’t need too many things. Things become burdens that distract us from our true selves. His ability to declutter and transform a space into a place where the soul feels completely free and at peace is inspiring.

Move on
and don’t
look back!

Born in Colorado, USA, he studied sociology at college and then enlisted in the U.S. Army, serving six years as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. In 1983, he began his career as a model in Germany. Bruce has also worked as a choreographer, coached models on the catwalk and appeared as a juror in the hit television series Germany’s Next Topmodel. His journey as television entertainer continues.

Life takes us through different roads, and when we connect all the experiences, we find a unique way to help others. For Bruce, all the roads have headed towards developing a personal touch in Interior Art & Home Styling.

Move on<br />
and don’t<br />
look back!
Experience &<br />

Experience &

Bruce Darnell is committed to creating incredible interiors using carefully selected materials and cleverly crafted colours.

His vision is to design and style rooms with perfect balance for people to use and enjoy whilst surrounded by beauty and luxury.

Allow me
to inspire

Celebrating the diversity of materials, textures, colours and styles that come from travelling the world, interior design has developed into a true art form.