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A Contemporary Countryside Home


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A Contemporary Countryside Home

A German couple asked me to help them with the entire styling of their home in Ibiza’s countryside. Surrounded by green woods, breathing fresh air and listening to birds singing - the scenery is inspiring.

The retired couple were looking for a relaxed style but wanted to feel surrounded by pieces that bring the home to life and ensure it's always ready for hosting small gatherings.

Communicating on a personal level and getting to know the human nature of every client is key to developing a successful relationship. So many times, we share so much, and we become friends. We started the home-styling process by having a consultation. I met them, and we talked about their lifestyle, their needs, and what they like and dislike. I sensed they needed a strong connection between interior and exterior living.

We devised a perfect concept of the need to bring harmony to the inside-outside, respecting and including the countryside.


To feel at home away
from home in Ibiza’s embrace.

Wood is a great ally to bring the feeling of nature inside. The wood table and chairs get the relaxed, cozy warmth you want to feel at home. The great thing is that it is not in your face. Because nothing in the spaces I design feel cluttered. It’s a dance between profusion and the absence of elements that create harmony.

Other design elements incorporated into the home were the exterior furniture, once again in warm natural textures, to bring the cozy colour outside as well. The pool area is vital and part of their everyday routine, so comfortable sunbeams and a sitting place that looks good and feels good were important. And we achieved it.


Touching a surface
creates always a
special feeling.

Another big part of styling this home was the incorporation of ceramic vessels, lanterns, and lamps to incorporate an artisanal feeling into every space. Combined with the wood, the textures balance out. Contrasting handmade textures and smooth modern surfaces create a minimal look. A blend of lines and curves gives a modern edge to a relaxed vintage style. 


The materials

The chairs chosen for this project perfectly embody countryside living and the contemporary perspective. The weaving of the wicker and the fine details make it an exquisite eye-catching central point. 

Project Image
Project Image

The art

For this specific home, colour is already provided by the nearby nature. Ibiza’s skies, trees, and scenery is already filling the need for more colour. To match this vibe, earthy tones but full of texture were chosen to be hung on the wall.

“Overall, it was a great experience to share, and the Smiths feel happy in their home away from home.

To help my clients improve their lifestyle by making them feel better about their immediate and exterior surroundings.”


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